Drupal Commons: Social Business Software

"Drupal Commons enables business to create social business solutions, with a focus on being flexible and while able to meet requirements."     -CMSwire

Drupal Commons 3: Understand your community with stellar analytics and help your community understand each other with rich translation.

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Acquia Analytics

  • Understand what content is driving the conversation in your community
  • Identify your most valuable members and understand how to get more of them
  • Connect historical data from anonymous visitors once they join the community to understand where they came from and what they’ve done
  • Build custom reports on the most important community metrics


Lingotek Translation Integration

  • Translate your community interfaces into your members’ native languages
  • High-quality, fast content translation keeps the conversation flowing
  • Crowdsourcing capabilities for fine-tuning language for subtleties and nuances
  • If needed, outsource for professional translation right from Lingotek

New capabilities: